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copyright 1995-2005, written and illustrated by Dan Fritz

The Misadventures of Susie Crackhead


Violent Dilbert

The Rancorous Tales of the Corpulent Squirrel

Professor Portnoy and his Minions

The Epic of Ryan

If you've found this page, you've stumbled upon a cache of senseless scribblings I call "comics."  While these comics may be incomprehensible to you, they are at least moderately comprehensible to a couple of people I call "friends."  But to tell the truth, I just draw them because it's fun.  Nothing beats drawing a gnome getting pummeled to a pulp by an oversized crackpipe.  Almost nothing beats a fat squirrel flying around with a motorized yarmulke-beanie.

Along these lines, I hope you enjoy the comics just as much as I do.  Q

last updated: 11/23/05