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copyright 2001-2002, written and illustrated by Dan Fritz

The Misadventures of Susie Crackhead


Violent Dilbert

The Rancorous Tales of the Corpulent Squirrel

Professor Portnoy and his Minions

The Epic of Ryan

Edith has all kinds of stories.

Edith is a curmudgeonly old woman, though in truth she has a compassionate heart. She lives from day to day--partially against her will--and constantly finds something the fret over or complain about. Every once in a while, her exceedingly cranky old brother Evert visits her, and even more seldom they get along with each other. She believes that her doctor (Dr. Mortensen) has a fantastic crush on her, while the real joy of her friend Happy Humphrey continually eludes her. Which leads us to the essential question of Edith: will she ever recognize the true happiness that surrounds her?

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written and illustrated by Dan Fritz
copyright 2001-2002