What babbleonline.com is all about  


Babble-ON is an online publication, consisting of all kinds of articles and random submissions. As of August 2008, this publication is now retired, but the 38 back issues can be found in the archive at your convenience.

Since 2003 this publication has enjoyed hundreds of readers of our quality articles written by dozens of people around the globe. All submissions were forwarded to me for a cursory review before publication and are still available at no cost to anyone, in PDF format only. Why PDF format? Publishing as a PDF allows everyone to easily view the issues either online or as a printed copy. It also means that I work less to maintain the website. Our readers frequently peruse printed copies on the subway, at home, or anywhere.

It is my hope that this website and publication has served as a conduit of greater creative thought and communication amongst us, who might have otherwise forgone the opportunity to continue to independently think. I say this as I wipe the drool from my own mouth. In any case, enjoy the archives!


PS: from Nathan Beach, the new custodian of this site, circa 2014...

After our founding editor, Daniel Fritz, sadly died in January 2009, I took over maintenance of this site. It costs me very little to keep it running, basically $15/year for domain registration, and I host it on my own web server more or less cost free.

However, the yearly domain registration is going to add up over time. If you'd like to contribute to the yearly registration costs, it would be much appreciated. You will be listed here as a supporter. Donate $15 and get a year of BabbleOnline named after you!

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