The Misadventures of

Susie Crackhead

copyright 1997-1998, written and illustrated by Dan Fritz

The Misadventures of Susie Crackhead


Violent Dilbert

The Rancorous Tales of the Corpulent Squirrel

Professor Portnoy and his Minions

The Epic of Ryan

Ginseng Jen takes a pull!

The Misadventures of Susie Crackhead is an epic of addiction, stupidity, and final redemption. As Susie meanders through life, she becomes the Prophet of Crackism, but it’s not long until a host of forces try to stop her on her evangelizing mission. Though each of the characters is led by a powerful and destructive Weltanschauung, salvation is just a willful step away for any of them.

Note to the reader: These comics have been enhanced from their original format for vastly improved legibility. Enjoy!

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1Walking through the serene woods of Big Sky Montana one day, Susie stumbles upon the object of her destiny! 2Upon a hostile chance meeting, Ginseng Jen attempts to smite Susie! 3King Koob plagues the countryside with his teeth-gnashing gnomes!  Will he prevail over Susie?

4The battle against the Alcoholics rages as the Fishman produces a secret weapon! 5In a savage turn of fate, Susie faces the awesome power of Optimus Mike! 6Rehab Rob pleads for mercy, but will his maniacal machinations be revealed?

7The Final Battle blazes as the Spirit of Crackism rains down lightening and Super Susie smashes skulls! 8Will ultimate redemption be found though the Starcraft Five besiege the forces of Crackism?

The Misadventures of Susie Crackhead!
written and illustrated by Dan Fritz
copyright 1997-1998