Alfred, Lord Tennyson Platinum Seal of Excellence
Awarded for exceptional content  

Alfred, Lord Tennyson
Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1809-1892

Winner of the elusive Alfred, Lord Tennyson Platinum Seal of Excellence for her cumulative articles written under the pen name “Arthur Miller,” please send your congratulations to Amanda (Hall) Petry! See issues 3.6 (June 2005), 3.7 (July 2005), 3.10 (December 2005), 5.3 (April 2007), 5.6 (September 2007), and 6.3 (August 2008). From his dorm-style apartment with other famous writers in heaven, Arthur has taught us to appreciate good writing and the aesthetics of reading actual books again. Bravo, Arthur, and thanks.

Tennyson Honorable Mentions:
>>“Cashing in on Intelligent Design” by Brett, Issue 3.10 (December 2005)
>>“Digits, Drama, and Discourse” by Lynda Calderwood, Issue 6.2 (July 2008)

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